In the executive search world, methodology and processes are critical aspects that determine a search firm's ability to successfully deliver the talent to its clients. Central to our approach is the conviction that in order to provide the best advice and support to a client, we must have a thorough understanding of their environmental, operational and cultural context.

Step 1: Discovery
The discovery process enables us to begin the assignment with an initial briefing from the client. This allows a better understanding and appreciation of the role, its position within the organisation, the culture of the hiring manager's team and the company at large. Our consultants will carry out an assignment study where we will also share our experiences with the recruiter to discuss the business environment, operations and any priorities that affect the position.

Step 2: Assessment & Study
We will draft a candidate specification which will detail the company, role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position to be submitted for approval. Our consultants will begin the sourcing and screening process. Depending on the services engaged, this would range from mapping target organisations, databases searches, networking through our contacts in the industry to the placement of targeted job advertisements.

Before presenting any candidates to the client, we will approach potential candidates before conducting a rigorous competency-based interview. Potential candidates are assessed, with a focus on key competencies for the role through tests and interviews. This includes possessing the relevant experience to do the job and also the motivation to continue in a role that fits with the cultural aspects and requirements of our client.

Clients can typically expect to receive reports of shortlisted candidates, with a consultant's brief comments from as short as 3 working days to about 2 weeks from the commencement of the assignment.

Step 3: Engagement (& Placement)
After the client has selected their preferred candidate, our consultants conduct thorough referencing to further measure and assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses, and to provide our client with external views of the individual. This enables both parties to constantly align the expectations, timeframes and progress, in order to ensure that business concerns and deadlines are taken into consideration early.

We will co-ordinate the interview rounds between our clients and the selected candidates, debriefing both sides after each round, addressing issues and helping to manage the process towards closure. Reference checks on the candidate may include former superiors, subordinates and co-workers of the selected individual. At the offer stage, it is imperative that the interests of the employer and employee are taken into consideration, such as the terms of offer, compensation and other factors.

Most search assignments are typically completed within 1 -3 months, with the exact duration mostly influenced by the amount of sourcing work that has to be done, the availability of interviewers from the client and the candidate for the interview rounds and the time taken to work out an offer. Unsuccessful candidates are promptly informed.

Finally, after the assignment is completed, we remain in close contact with the client and successful candidate for a minimum of 3 months to ensure the transition, performance and fit. We actively seek feedback from our clients, identifying any issues from which we can learn in order to improve the quality of our service in future.